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ATOM (Advanced Threat & Operations Monitoring) modern and unique way of IT environment monitoring with direct impact to the highest security. ATOM will help to fulfill a GDPR requirements.

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Why to choose ATOM

  • Environment monitoring

    ATOM monitors vital life functions of individual systems, analyzes and evaluates the security of your servers and applications, and at the same time it safely protects the data contained therein. With permanent monitoring, you know about every unusual situation that occurs in your IT environment, and with ATOM you get a tool that will give you guidance on how to handle this situation.

  • Regular reports

    By using ATOM, you always know what's happening in your IT environment. ATOM provides regular reports in a clear form, with a clear interpretation of the analyzed data, plus a specific proposal how to solve the problems. You have the opportunity to use the unique know-how that is the result of our over ten years of experience in solving the most difficult infrastructure issues.

  • Data security under control

    ATOM continually monitors and regularly evaluates environmental security, such as terminal equipment, data transfers, data repositories, or infrastructure. It can also detect potential attacks on systems visible from the Internet, which is its unique feature. By connecting to Micsrosoft Enterprise Mobility and Security components, it can meet the requirements of GDPR.

  • Hybrid solution

    ATOM is a hybrid solution suitable for both the on premises and the cloud. Reliably obtains information from all servers, from any provider. Immediately after installing ATOM, you will be proactive in security monitoring mode, and after the first week you will receive a report with important information including recommendations on how to deal with potential risks.

  • No investments needed

    ATOM is designed as a pay-as-you-go service and you can easily install it by yourself within minutes. You do not need any initial investment in software acquisition, staff training, or implementation. It does not matter whether you are a small company or a multinational corporation - ATOM offers flexibility in changing the number of watched devices even when selecting service variants to suit your needs.

  • Multiplatform solution

    You can use ATOM regardless of the platform on which your systems are running. The service monitors both Windows and Linux, and related applications. They can get all the important information from different platforms and analyze everything and present them in regular reports. ATOM even allows the integration of existing tools such as Zabbix, Nagios or System Center.

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