Hardware and software inventory

Configuration and Asset Management is important not only with regard to licensing audit, but also when documenting and checking compliance with a defined business standard. ATOM brings an environmental review package to the current configuration of your monitored devices and to the software that your device has, even with respect to changes over the last 14 days. However, data can be searched for history, so you can search for changes made in an environment up to 720 days back.

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Web page testing

Websites tend to be a business card, or necessary for a company's business, and therefore also a frequent place where hackers are hacked from the Internet. The rising popularity of the company or the information provided on websites, the more likely it is that there may be an attack. This can damage the company, not only on hardware, software, but also on reputation. ATOM provides on-site monitoring and configuration of internal Web sites with Best Practices. When tracking page availability, regular testing of HTTP response, DNS Resolve and HTTP Load Page is performed from the Internet, specifically from Microsoft Azure.

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ATOM alerts and notifications

The relevance of the information and the reaction time for the events that have occurred are the most important thing to prevent from incidents. Another very important factor is the inherent understanding of the ATOM platform's detection and reporting. A large number of monitoring tools generate a plethora of alerts that most IT administrators do not process and respond to incidents only when they occur. The subsequent cause is traced in monitoring or syslog to ex-post. ATOM sends only the most important alterms, and if you do not respond to it and ATOM thinks it is a critical incident, ATOM will notify you by phone (PREMIUM plan). The notice also includes information about what the incident is about and validates with you whether or not an incident is involved.

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ATOM reporting

Everyone in IT and not just the manager wants to know the state of the environment for which he is responsible. Nowadays, it is not easy to get a report where it is possible to quickly see how the environment is in terms of processes such as:

  • Availability Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Incident Management

The ATOM service is designed to offer this view for the manager. Reporting within ATOM is not only for IT managers but is also intended for internal auditors or security administrators who need to have the environment under control.

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Network monitoring, latency and data loss analysis

One of the key features of ATOM is network monitoring through synthetic monitoring between monitored systems. The routine monitoring is based on monitoring the network status with regard to latency and monitoring loss between the monitored device and the monitoring server. However, ATOM approaches the issue differently and performs monitoring between individual systems, either using ICMPv4 or TCP protocol.

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System security and security audit

Security solutions are one of the most comprehensive solutions of the entire ATOM platform and offer a global view of security with respect to settings and changes made in your environment. Based on signals from AD, SQL, DNS, Network Communications, Antimalware Definitions, Update Management, and others, evaluation is performed to give you a comprehensive view of security with regard to:

  • Antimalware detection
  • Network security
  • Identities and approaches
  • Computers
  • Safety Baseline Assessment
  • Threat detection

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Log analytics and third party tools

The entire ATOM system is built as a large data warehouse of disparate data located on two types of storage, and in a capacities unlimited Microsoft Azure environment. The disk subsystems are divided into live data with retention up to 31 days and located on so-called "Hot Disk" and archive data for 31 to 720 days retention, which are located on the "Cold Disk".
Data can be sent to the platform from any device, either through an intermediary, such as a Linux server that serves as a syslog, or a very tightly integrated Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. If you already use monitoring tools such as Nagios or Zabbix, you can also join these tools. This will give you a complete view of the current environment, using the investment in monitoring tools to the fullest. If you choose to integrate other systems like different SIEM tools, integration can be done very easily.

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Server and service performance monitoring

To ensure high-quality monitoring and not only to address the configuration issues in your environment, ATOM offers the ability to monitor the performance of all monitored devices. Basic monitoring is performed on the most common indicators, such as indicators:

  • LogicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk sec/Read
  • LogicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk sec/Write
  • LogicalDisk(*)\Current Disk Queue Length
  • LogicalDisk(*)\Disk Reads/sec
  • LogicalDisk(*)\Disk Transfers/sec
  • LogicalDisk(*)\Disk Writes/sec
  • LogicalDisk(*)\Free Megabytes
  • LogicalDisk(*)\% Free Space
  • LogicalDisk\Avg. Disk Bytes/Transfer
  • Memory(*)\Available MBytes
  • Memory(*)\% Committed Bytes In Use
  • Network Adapter(*)\Bytes Received/sec
  • Network Adapter(*)\Bytes Sent/sec
  • Network Interface(*)\Bytes Total/sec
  • Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time
  • Processor\% User Time
  • System(*)\Processor Queue Length

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Active Directory monitoring

As part of Active Directory monitoring, a service and health assessment is performed, taking into account best practices defined by Microsoft and KPCS consultants. An Active Directory review consists of several components that offer a comprehensive view of the whole solution, and based on detection methods, alerts are then generated that are sent to the vendor and the customer. In some cases, these alerts are further filtered so that the customer can only get relevant information and a real problem without having to implement demanding and robust solutions such as System Center Operations Manager, Zabbix or Nagios, the whole solution is configured and ready to run immediately after activation services.

Within ATOM, you get a components focused on Active Directory, both cloud in the form of Azure AD, and local ones that are

  • Active Directory Assessment
  • Active Directory Replication Status
  • DNS Analytics
  • Azure Activity Log
  • Best Practise Analyzer

You can also find packages in the Premium Plan such as:

  • Security and Audit
  • Logon Activity Web Service and Web Probe
  • Logon to Remote Desktop Service
  • Change in privilege groups

Some plans are made by alterms that will automatically alert you to events such as clearing the security log, changing the privileged group, and more.

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Prerequisites for using and connection to the ATOM service

Basic prerequisites for Windows Server

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher, screen resolution 1440x900 and higher
  • V případě připojení serveru Exchange je podporována verze Exchange Server 2013 na minimálně Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Na serverech a počítačích musí být povolen powershell s nastavením ExecutionPolicy do módu RemoteSigned
  • Windows Management Framework 4.0 (Powershell 4.0), který je možno stáhnout zde: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40855

Některé aplikace nepodporují doinstalovaný balíček WMF4.0. Podporováno je pouze za předpokladu, že je WMF4.0 uvnitř operačního systému (od Windows Server 2012 R2) a to pro tyto aplikace:

  • System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (not including SP1)
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 (including SP1)
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Windows Small Business Server 2011Standard

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