As part of Active Directory monitoring, a service and health assessment is performed, taking into account best practices defined by Microsoft and KPCS consultants. An Active Directory review consists of several components that offer a comprehensive view of the whole solution, and based on detection methods, alerts are then generated that are sent to the vendor and the customer. In some cases, these alerts are further filtered so that the customer can only get relevant information and a real problem without having to implement demanding and robust solutions such as System Center Operations Manager, Zabbix or Nagios, the whole solution is configured and ready to run immediately after activation services.

Within ATOM, you get a components focused on Active Directory, both cloud in the form of Azure AD, and local ones that are

  • Active Directory Assessment
  • Active Directory Replication Status
  • DNS Analytics
  • Azure Activity Log
  • Best Practise Analyzer

You can also find packages in the Premium Plan such as:

  • Security and Audit
  • Logon Activity Web Service and Web Probe
  • Logon to Remote Desktop Service
  • Change in privilege groups

Some plans are made by alterms that will automatically alert you to events such as clearing the security log, changing the privileged group, and more.

Learn more about Active Directory monitoring here


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