The entire ATOM system is built as a large data warehouse of disparate data located on two types of storage, and in a capacities unlimited Microsoft Azure environment. The disk subsystems are divided into live data with retention up to 31 days and located on so-called "Hot Disk" and archive data for 31 to 720 days retention, which are located on the "Cold Disk".
Data can be sent to the platform from any device, either through an intermediary, such as a Linux server that serves as a syslog, or a very tightly integrated Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. If you already use monitoring tools such as Nagios or Zabbix, you can also join these tools. This will give you a complete view of the current environment, using the investment in monitoring tools to the fullest. If you choose to integrate other systems like different SIEM tools, integration can be done very easily.

Integrations are not part of packages and customer integration is solved individually based on individual requirements. If you own a partner solution like Oracle or Veeam Morning Coffee, then we love to join them to the ATOM. List of available integrations:

  • Veeam Morning Coffee for VMWare, Hyper-V, Backup
  • Azure Stack
  • Open Stack
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Chef
  • Docker
  • F5
  • Oracle
  • Puppet
  • Slack
  • SaltStack
  • TrendMicro
  • Logstash
  • Zabbix, Nagios
  • And many other tools tested by us


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